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       H2o Grow Hydroponics is looking forward to the years a head. With H2o Grow Hydroponics a customer today is a friend for life. We build friendships. We will help you and guide in the right direction from start to finish. We don't like to sell you a bunch of products that you aren't going to be happy with. We will make sure you understand each product before you purchase so that way you won't have to do trial an error on new products. We want to make sure your set up is running and smoothly as possible. 

        We are located in Ohio but we sell our products across the country. Some of the states we sell in are California, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado. We ship items to all fifty states.

        We carry almost every singles nutrient line possible. Just to name a few, general hydroponic, cyco, emerald harvest, advance nutrients, mills, canna, nectar for the god.

      lets get down to roots and start growin!      



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